Wednesday, August 5, 2009


so i ate a lot at dinner yesterday and was still super full when i went to sleep. i think this had a hand in what happened to me last night. i don't know if it was a dream or not, but i remember having stomach pains in the middle of the night. the reason i don't know if it was a dream was bc i don't think it woke billy up so it makes me think that maybe it was a dream, but then i remember the pain and so i thought it was real. maybe it happened when i was sleeping and so i wasn't fully aware of what was going on except for the pain. ahhh i don't know, but i do know that it took a lot out of me and i didn't have a good night's sleep so now i'm super tired. grawr.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


last night i had whole bunch of adventures. first i remember that i was with two of my friends, but not sure who exactly, and we were in a party/costume store and we were looking for something. then, we found some wood and my friend said that she was gonna try and be a vampire killer or something and i asked her why not just buy an old cross, but she didn't want to so we just bought the wood and i was playing around with a nail file and accidentally cut it up wrong. then, we went to the car and we were driving around. after driving around we saw these big animals fighting each other and we were watching them when all of a sudden they started fighting so hard that the water started to grow waves. while this was going on we tried to get out so that we could get away from the water. we were climbing up some rocks and i was having a hard time because i had socks on. and it was hard to climb up the rocks bc some of them were spiky and some were round. when i finally get up to the top we can see the water rising in the bottom. then, we were walking around we saw a guy. we were going to get to him and saw these other guys. all of a sudden i was at billy's house and i was waiting for billy when i saw one of his roommates. he was just standing there when he suddenly got pulled away. and that's when i woke up.

also i had a separate dream from this one. i was at a beach with some of my family and we were swimming when huge waves would come in and pull some of us away and it would freak me out bc i didn't want to lose anyone in the water so i would always go back in and look for everyone. it was quite scary.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

millionaire matchmaker

so i had a dream lastnight and the lady from millionaire matchmaker was in it with her assistant. i think they were trying to set me up on a date, like i was the millionaire, but they were in the process of giving me a makeover. before anything could happen though, i woke up. i really wanted to see what kinds of guys she'd try and hook me up with and what i would look like after the makeover.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


so i had a couple dreams while i was napping. i had woken up a couple times while i was napping but would go back to sleep and my dream would continue.

in the first part of my dream, i had gone to a house with some of my friends and we were all chillin and having a good time. then i woke up a little and went back to sleep. in my dream, a couple of my friends leave the house and i see them getting into my friend's car. i started getting my stuff ready and grabbing my friend's comp before they left, but as i open the door, i see the car start leaving. i go back into the house, furious, and i fix my stuff together in a fit. i look back out the window and i see them stop look out and start laughing and leaving. i go around the house and see the owner and his wife and i tell them that i was leaving, then i go to my friend geezy and ask him if he could come drop me off back to my dorm before the others came back. i took all my stuff and we started to leave, then i woke up again. when i go back to sleep, i was still at the house, but now i stay there and the owner has friends over and i don't want them to see me, but i see billy outside the window and i try to hide a little but he sees me through the window and he comes in secretively. he gave me a kiss, then he said something stupid that made me mad so i get up and head to the bathroom to lock myself in. he gets to the bathroom before i can close the door on him. he asks me what he did wrong and we get in an argument. he wants to close the doors, and we keep talking, then we stop arguing. he tries to wash his hands, but he presses a button that panics everyone. i try to get billy out but he wasn't looking good, and was getting sleepy so i tried to get us out of there before the people saw us. we tried going into a not so obvious place like a game store so we try to go in, but billy's credit card didn't work to get us in. so we get out, and the people say something in spanish and we saw everyone putting their hands up so we tried to blend it, but i got separated from billy somehow. then they started moving the people around into a hotel area and billy was put in before me and then i woke up.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


so the other night, i had a dream that there was a mouse in my bf's house. and i thought it was cute bc it reminded me of the hamster in the vid "hamster on a piano".

that day his roommate tells us that there's a mouse in the house and he had heard it scurring around the same night i had the dream.

coincidence? maybe..

Saturday, April 11, 2009


i get a lot of dreams where i'm running from someone or trying to escape. last night i had a dream where i was with some people and first i was in a store with patrick, carol, and some other family members. we were looking around and we were at a cosmetics section and i tried some on and then we started to leave. before we leave tho, patrick pulls out a gun and shoots at the cosmetics and then we started to rush away acting like it didn't just happen. we were walking along hoping no one would notice, even though how someone wouldn't notice would be kinda weird. then this securtiy person stops us, and asks us if we saw anything. we said no, then another one comes and starts saying that my grandma was the last person they had seen near that area. they started taking her away, but i stop them and say it was me because i didn't want my grandma to go anywhere with them. i started crying, and i told them that i had tried on some of the make up but that was it. after that, they let us go. we started running away from the place in case they change their mind, then i noticed that someone was shooting at an area that we had to cross. it was in certain intervals too so i decided to go ahead of everyone to test my theory. i was kind of nervous bc i was scared my grandma would get caught if she didn't make it through the area fast enough. afterwards, i told them exactly when to go, and everyone rushed over, and luckily, my grandma made it through.

then my dream separated. i started having a different dream this time, and there were these dogs and cute puppies that these guys had. i was talking to one of them bc he had the smallest puppy and i asked him why he had it. he said that his friend was supposed to buy it from him but they decided not to so he got stuck with it. after that i went into a building and i was with some people. they were a couple and had a kid with them, but the woman had just arrived to the states and didn't have all her paper work and so the guy asked me if i could go get it so that she could be able to live here with him. so i go to the place to get their passports and such, and i told the lady about their circumstance and so she lowered the price for everything to be instead of $45 per person to make it $30. i yell out to the guy to give me money but he doesn't hear me. so i keep yelling and then i notice these people come into the building and i knew that if i didn't get these things payed quick, something bad was gonna happen, so i rush to get my purse and wallet and get out some cash to give the lady. one of the guys who came in stopped at our station to watch and we were nervous bc we didn't want him to notice how much i had given and to notice that it was short a couple bucks. the guy tells the lady in the station to show him the money and she puts it in her purse and i told her to put it in an envelope so that it doesn't look like she's pocketing it. and then i was leaving with the stuff, and i had an out of body experience and noticed that the guy stopped and then started going after the girl who had taken the money after realizing that she didn't have enough money. so i try texting the guy to run bc i knew he would go after the guy next, but the text was taking forever. so i ran up to where they were and told them to run.

then i woke up bc allen woke me up.

what an odd dream.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

startled awake.

that's what happened to me today. i was having a pleasant dream when i was woken up by y mom. it startled me awake so, as soon as i opened my eyes, i couldn't remember what my dream was about. all i know is that it was pleasant...i wish i could remember.